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Creating a Diverse &
Dynamic Economy

Creating a diverse and dynamic economy that lowers the cost of living and decreases the tax burden on families. That starts with eliminating the personal property tax on our vehicles, which will be the first bill that I will patron if elected.

Restoring Academic

Restoring focus on academic excellence; ensuring every student is valued and reaching their full potential; partner with our teachers to ensure they are equipped to provide the quality education that will prepare our children for bright futures.

Increasing Public Safety

We’ll eliminate the flow of fentanyl into our communities and schools. I will be dedicated to securing funding for a Task Force of law enforcement and community leaders dedicated to this task. And we’ll ensure that the Commonwealth is positioned to recruit the most qualified law enforcement officers to keep our communities safe, while investing in their continued training.

Addressing Mental Health

The COVID pandemic shed light on the conversation about mental health and many in our community are facing mental health challenges. We must expand the availability of mental health resources – making mental health support stigma-free, affordable, and accessible.

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